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Who Let The Girls Out | Ginger Lynn & Christy Canyon

May 7, 2021

Dating apps are exploding and people are getting on their and finding there companion for a night or many nights to come. It can be scary but the girls will discuss them and give their opinion and stories of their experiences using these 21st century hook up sites. ____________

Christy Canyon

May 1, 2021

Today the girls will discuss some off the sexiest places to go around the world and their experiences in these adventurous cities. Book your next vacation at a sex spot to enhance your bedroom desires or maybe you live in one of the fun cities on the list.

Topics: Brazil Carnival - Amsterdam Story - San Fransisco...

Apr 27, 2021

The girls get into female fantasies they started with and progressed into. Just take control of your desires and explore the potential of your relationships with some of these ideas and/or create your own. You are the artist of your masterpiece. Topics: Sex with a Stranger - Slept through Europe - Dinner Parties...

Apr 23, 2021

How to get into the erotica zone from watching adult movies to reading to your lover. The art of seduction and how to videos to help you get to the amazing sex you always wanted with your partner. Go on fun sex adventures with your special person. ____________

Christy Canyon Ginger...