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Who Let The Girls Out | Ginger Lynn & Christy Canyon

Dec 2, 2021

The girls talk about people not using the normal things to masturbate with. What happens when something get stuck and you need a professional to remove it. They will go thru a list of bizarre things that could be dangerous to use, so don’t try this at home. Official WLTGO Video Podcast: Topics: Got it Stuck - Objects - Scented Soap - Barbie Doll - Plastic Cap - Nothing Sharp - Penis Ring - Rusty Metal - Silicone Balls - Bike Reflector - Sea Sponge - Headphones - Towel - Money - Phone - Clay - Candles - Lollipops - Magic Wand Christy Canyon Ginger Lynn Be Part of the Show: Send them an email at with your question, comment or concerns.